The Watch

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What fantasy fan would be complete without venturing into the genres of science fiction, comedy and horror occasionally?
As a Ben Stiller fan, I wasn’t too disappointed with this movie although it’s not his finest moment, but it was very funny nonetheless. Ben Stiller’s character Evan is the solid citizen of a small town in Ohio. Evan worked as the manager of Costco supermarket and one of his employees got murdered mysteriously one night whilst on security duty. Evan being very close to his employees felt that he must do something about it, so he sets up a neighbourhood watch group with which only three other local men became a member (all oddballs in some way or other).
Things turned out pretty strange for Evan and his group members as they accidentally ran something gooey over, they found a strange metallic sphere and took it home with them having no inclination that it was other worldly.
Strange people start entering the groups lives, particularly Bob’s daughters life and things get out of hand – alien sightings happen, more murders and the group becomes more and more determined to make the town safe.
The movie isn’t without its drama and ups and downs despite it being mostly a comedy, foul language rages rampant in this movie with plenty of sexual innuendos, a mass alien shoot up and twists in the plot.
By and large it was a good, if somewhat weird movie that had a very “scary movie” feel to it.

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The leak

It’s raining outside and wet

But I am inside and wet too

The roof is leaking

What shall I do?

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it should be simple

Wistful I have been, thinking of my road to home

Will I ever get there? I’ve had far enough to roam

How simple the little quest should be, to get from A to B

But not for someone who’s not from here, not for someone like me

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Who has ordered the roses life to be short?

A rose has come into bloom

Death will be upon it too soon

Its life is short

This I’ve been taught

Happiness soon turns into gloom

Who has ordered this to be? Whom?



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Bitter and sweet is the cherry treat
She’s one of nature’s surprises
Bright and red and its easily said
In a yogurt she quite suffices.

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The Lorax

Not my artwork

I had never read nor watched The Lorax by Dr. Suess until last Sunday (I watched the movie first – shock horror and gasp) and I am surprised I’ve missed such a gem in my childhood.

To be honest, I would of hazard a guess that Dr. Suess had written only about ten stories, but that is not true; I am surprised to discover via that he wrote a great deal more than that and I endeavor to read all he has ever written.

Dr. Suess has the kind of personality that I love. His humor is strange, nonsensical with seemingly illogical plots, though to me they are very logical and has a great understanding of creative children and eccentricity.

I loved the Lorax movie because of the color and the deep meaning behind the plot. I love anything that tries to show humanity the errors of their ways, like Bee Movie; The Lorax has a message for humanity that shows you must never take your natural roots for granted and you must protect, nurture and above all respect nature and the environment for future generations.
I am passionate about the subject behind the movie and you can find out more of what I think about this by following this link.

Dr. Suess’s worlds are beyond fantasy, they are usually worlds based deep within our consciousness. Dr. Suess takes us behind the reality of humanity in many of his stories, The Lorax being an example of one of those tales.

The artwork within the movie as in the books, are very abstract and I like that.

When I first saw the advertisement of the movie, I was puzzled as to what the storyline could possibly be? When I saw the trees I thought it was something along the lines of a candy-man story, another Willy Wonka of sorts because the trees looked like candyfloss on candy-canes, but it wasn’t. It was an adorable world.

Funny in parts and irritating in others, only in that the irritations are my own personal views of humanity and seeing how The Lorax could someday possibly become a reality, particularly as I have known a child who lived in such a dense urban area, they never ever saw grass and when they were taken to a park they were terrified of the grass and refused to walk on it with their family.

Books and movies like this should be more widely available to the public and written in many different ways; because I think society needs to have it drummed into their minds about just how precious nature is and caring for the environment should be a necessity in everybody’s daily life.

Governments should forget trying to drum into their societies minds about individual peoples lifestyles regarding image and start concentrating on lifestyle issues that affect the world as a whole; Like recycling, sea/ocean clean ups, global warming, over population, city and town expansion etc.

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Pears ripe and ready
Green and golden treats
Very soft and tasty
What other fruit competes?

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Blackberry born on a bed of thorns
Delicious when they aren’t red
Pick them all carefully in the briars
And put them in a jam for your bread!

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Living Responsibly

You cannot live life selfishly because whatever you do now will affect future generations in more ways than you can possibly imagine. The environment you are living in right now is the product of generations before you. If the environment is making you unhappy then you can blame previous generations (though you cannot hold them totally responsible because people’s behaviors and attitudes are generally a by-product of their government’s desires and they weren’t as educated or informed as much as we are today).

If you want people of the future to live happy and safe lives, then you need to change the way you live and think to help that become a possible reality. One person can make big changes to the world, for example; one person can influence many who may also act like them whether it is for better or for the worse, every single day you are influencing somebody whether you are deliberating that or not.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you think you are affecting someone’s actions or not, the point is, you do, whether you think you are popular or not. Whether you think nobody notices you or not, you are still affecting people’s lives, you are still influencing them.

I have noticed that people are more ready to throw rubbish in the street if they can see another person doing it, why? Because they use them as an example of how people in that local society might respond and that makes people feel secure to be lazy and inconsiderate more consistently. This is true in many other occasions in many other situations every second of the day. For better or worse, everyone is influencing someone.
Do you want the responsibility of having a world in ten, twenty, fifty years, so badly polluted that more people die before they reach twenty five than ever before in history? Do you want the responsibility of seeing thousands of animals become extinct as a result of global warming and city/town expansions? Do you want to be responsible for the lack of food and water for future generations, possibly causing the entire known world to become like the third world of today?

If not, then it is simple what you must do. Live life responsibly, think of others, think before you act, be consistent and you could make the future brighter and healthier for all, influencing positively as you go on.

You live in an apartment so you can’t help with the bee problem? Wrong, you can, there are such things as window boxes and balcony gardens. If you don’t have a balcony or a window sill outside there is an invention called “nails” where you can hang baskets outside your window – not only will it look nice but you are encouraging nature to thrive in the depths of the city, wouldn’t that make you feel better? How do you think this will influence your neighbors?

Try to be conscious of what you do and how you do it and always think about improvements, once you know how to improve something, then the next step is to do it.

Go on, be a positive influence in the world.

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the nutters club

I am a nutter, because I am in the nutters club, I am red and furry; I am always in a hurry… I lost me nut yrs ago, and now in its place a tree does grow, I am a squirrel it’s true to say, I loose me nut almost everyday!

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