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Don’t misinterpret

Someone is trying to frame me

For being on the other side

Someone is trying to frame me

Because I am the sweet bride

I cannot allow this to happen

For I am much more than that

I can outwit my enemies

I can be quite a brat

People misinterpret my each and every word

I cannot help their ignorance, but to think I lie’s absurd

I know what is happening behind those closing doors

I am telling the universe, I shall not be ignored

Karma has its uses; it knows who’s thick and thin

But to cross someone who’s innocent

Is the most terrible of sins

I sit and wait in darkness

For the world to fall apart

And I sit here waiting patiently

To gather is my art

I will save nations it is deemed as said

There is nothing evil in my marriage

And I am soon to wed

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Some say you are my curse

You are beautiful Grace

You are my infinite universe

Some say you are my curse

But I know you are mine

Whole and divine

I need you

I need to hold your hand

I cannot alone stand

I need your love

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