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tonight’s the night

Sometimes I wonder if I should swallow my pride and join

The enemies of my soul tonight because I feel purloined

Maybe then you’ll snap me up again and bring me home tonight

But I know you do not want that, as you love prolonging fights

Just be warned of my impatience, I will do funny things

I will turn my heel to the enemy and join them as a spiteful sting

Though it won’t be permanent, it will certainly get to you

Bringing home a message of things that I can do

I do not want the other side, do not get me wrong

But I feel that you need this warning as I can’t forever stay strong

You’re making me lose heart in my soul of eternity

You’re making me lose trust in those that could set me free

I cannot be a play thing, for much longer dear

So when I beg to be returned know that it’s sincere

And do not keep me waiting, for you’ll lose me for your side

And I will join the others until I’ve long enough have spied

I will then turn my heel on them and leave them for eternity

And watch you both in battle, whilst I set myself free

I will not choose a side in the end of time – perhaps?

I will be tired of both your games and snap

Though I will be lonely at least I trust myself

I am not a trophy to be won, I and be placed upon a shelf

I am angry now but not yet on fire be

Just listen to the words I say, the fire is almost lit

If you want to keep me safe and sound, then fix this puzzle quick

I am waiting and what will you do?

Tonight will determine what I do too…

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Mortal Hell

Tonight all my fantasies will come to light, even if for a few seconds

Though I’ll be sent back to Earth I will feel sorely stricken

It’s unfair to live in a world of men, where you do not fit in well

It’s a punishment though you say it’s not, but I feel that Earth’s my Hell

Why do you use me like a pawn?  Why can’t I come back home?

I know you say it’s for my protection, but I feel trapped that I can’t roam

I feel exiled from my world, I’ll feel outcast until I’m back

I need my return to be fast or I will surely crack

Don’t leave me long in the world of men, for my faith is being lost

I am getting colder to my loved ones my heart is threatening frost

So bring me home, you need me, to have you on your side

You cannot leave me abandoned and treat me as though I’ve died

I will find a way back home and combine my essences well

Be sure to know if I do it alone, my anger will surely swell

And both sides of the war will fall when I start my spells

Because you’ve left me here too long in a mortal Hell

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