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Social media avoidance of the bored

After a long break I am starting to post on my blog again.

I admit I had been avoiding most forms of social media since lockdown began in March because I find it hard to say goodbye or no to certain people within my social media and I was getting burnt out and swamped in the first week, let alone going through the whole haul of lockdown for months on end.

For my own sanities sake I avoided most social media and only went on it occasionally for a few minutes at a time a week. Unsurprisingly during lockdown I was in higher demand than normal primarily because people who often don’t care about me in usual circumstances were so bored with their everyday lives in isolation that they decided that they would think of me and wonder how I am, which is nice but insincere of them and insincerity is a pet hate of mine.  Ordinarily close friends and family there are less than ten people who maintain contact with me, during lockdown, people I hadn’t heard of since primary school had found me and wanted to talk again, even former bullies!  I must admit one or two new contacts startled me because it made me wonder how bored some people I am afraid of could be during lockdown and what they might do or say to me, when there is so much time on their hands to think and remember again.

I have come a long way with my mental health journey to be dragged back down by bored and vicious people, so that is why I became silent and vanished offline until recently.  I understand that we may be going into another full national lockdown at any moment, but I want to continue on my creative journey, so please forgive any lack of socialising in the past.

I have to be a certain amount of selfish for my own minds sake at times.

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