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Enshrouded in brassy tones, you stand with many or you stand alone, you were once covered in soft sweet smelling leaves of emerald green, now they’ve turned crisp and are falling from your strong old eaves.

A ragged blanket of golden and brown hues covers the landscape as summer’s excused.

Nights grow longer, soon winter will come, the blanket renewed, landscapes benumbed.

But for all that it’s worth, it is temporary, a fleeting display, always contemporary, it puzzles us so with each coming year that the beauty seems new yet it always appears.

Autumn is lovely, winter is too, spring is much better but summer is too.

Our seasons are cherished, we love them so much, and how can we have malice, when our hearts they do touch?

Seasons are our gifts, enjoy them while they last, for seasons they come and go forever, quite fast.

© Tina Cousins 2013

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