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Falling into the jigsaw of life

I am going to fall off the edge of the world and I will not scream out your name.

I will not give you that attention, you are so very vain!

I am falling for me, because as I fall I am free

As I get to ignore you and your ways

As I keep falling into place

My fall is part of the jigsaw of life

I ignore you and your drama and strife

Because I have to take care of me

Because I can and you will see!

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Soul Helpline

Hello God, it’s me calling

I’ve been forgotten, neglected and falling

Please catch me quickly, if you can

I am falling into the pan

Of eternal fire





To be saved, that’s my desire

Oh God, you neglect me

Why forsake me?

Catch me

I am falling

Can’t you hear me calling?

Oh God?





Is there a soul-line I can call, for neglected souls of gods at all?

Hello, soul-helpline, I’ve lost my god, he won’t save me

I’ve prayed and prayed, yet nothing says he

Hold I’ll get you another, OK my dear?

Thank you how sweet that you should hear

A new heavenly father then stands and appears

I’ll care for you don’t fear

That’s all it took

His not booked

He loves me

I love him

My god







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