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Gremlins tea

Cute and sweet with a bite that’s severe

A gremlin waits in a corner so near

It watches you as you wander away from the computer that has you as a slave

When you’ve gone to make your tea, the gremlin starts to chew with glee

It nibbles away at your cables and chips, it gnaws and chomps and bites and snips

When you come back, the damage is done

The computer isn’t working and your left feeling numb

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The adventures of a moth shepherdess

The adventure of a moth shepherdess is a true story, this happened to me personally last night. 


Finally, my three year old son tucked into bed after a long night trying to get him to sleep and all would be quiet from that point on.  Slumped in bed, light just right for reading; I managed a sigh of relief as the aches in my feet gradually waned away, every muscle in my body was relaxing, what joy!

My book of choice “The Gothic” I was reading about the Cthulu Mthos of H.P Lovecraft when I suddenly got the fright of my light.  From nowhere a moth, the size of a walnut dive bombed me repeatedly and banged into the lamp, my only concern was whether or not it would ruin my perfectly milky sweet tea on the side, so I fetched a piece of paper and covered the top. 

I went back to reading but I couldn’t concentrate with the scrape, scraping of the moths wings against my ceiling tiles and the occasional pelting; so I watched the moth carefully, studying it for ten minutes, covering my mouth just in case it was one of these weird creatures that goes in for a kamikazes down my throat.  I watched as it crawled along my son’s calpol medicine bottle, licking up the sweet sticky residue that had slid down the sides of the bottle, it was there for a while as I was watching it, the bottle was by the door – it was then I decided to take the risk and lunge at the door, quickly turning on the hall light, attracting it instantly out of the bedroom I leapt forth and closed the bedroom door, turned the hall light off and the spare room light on, attracting the moth in there and out of the large window. 

TADA!  Now I can get back to reading my book, I thought.

Earlier next morning I told my husband of my 1:30am adventures and he looked at me with pitying eyes, then I said “I wonder if I should add moth shepherding to my CV” which got a good hearty laugh from him.

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Cosmic Order Cafe

The cosmic order sounds like a cafe on a galaxy highway

A stop off point between Venus and Mars

Serving alien coffees and chocolate bars

Martians stop there every day, drinking tea and ordering cake

Plutonians stop on their long journeys too, they hope to reach the Earth’s moon by noon

 It’s a funny little saying though, when you hear people shout and go “it’s the cosmic order you know”?

I wonder if it’s true, that somewhere up there, that’s what aliens do?


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