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between worlds

I’m locked in my mind of complexity

How I feel lost in my eternity

Living between worlds I’m prosthetically

Living a lie in one and overwhelmed by tragedy

This world of man drives me insane you see

The world of hope still awaits for me

But does it exist oh please give a clue

For at the moment I’m lost and without a clue

To break free from mortal bonds will let me see

That my whole life is not a tragedy

But for now all I can do is grieve

For the life that’s lost and I wish I could flee

Oh I wonder where I belong

But till I find it, I’ll have to be strong again

To live in a world of lies

Until my soul is free and flies


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wading through the muck

We are all raised in the same planet, Earth it’s called but we all live in different worlds

I was raised in a world of violence, isolation, racism, religion and fear

I never understood why those values my mother held dear?

I learned another way, wading through the dirt

Clenching on for dear life with all the various hurts

I needed to find a better life, one that suited me

When I finally did this, from a violent life I was free

But it’s difficult chasing dreams like these

For parents hold you back

And make you think like them under siege then thwack

If you question their damning ways, they hold you down, suffocating you in waves

Of anger, of pity and fear

But if you have a peaceful dream, hold on to it dear

Life will find a way to help you, to pull you through the muck

Then someday you’ll turn around and say goodbye you fucks!




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ditty of imagination

A delicate little ditty I sing to my babe, of fantasy worlds and lands

Of dragons and kings and of simplified things, of bodiless running hands

Witches cast spells and wizards as well, chimeras on the wing

Centaurs are fighting and knights are plighting whilst mermaids sit on rocks and sing

This is how my little one grows, as little children do

With their minds filled with magic, they will have fun, because imagination is a great virtue


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