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home to paradise

I was floating above my shell last night

About to travel to the world of my dreams

But then I stopped

I don’t know why

It’s frustrating that I do not fly into that other realm

Maybe it’s because the idea overwhelms?

Oh is it real?  I can’t tell

But I know it’s a place that’s put me under its spell

Maybe they’ll call me tonight or maybe not?

I hope so; to me it means a lot

Though I worry that it’s not all real

That a game is being played

I sometimes think that way and I shouldn’t

But I think I’m mentally frayed

Well one day I shall know

And if it’s real my happiness will overflow

But if it’s not, then my soul will die

Because for many years this place has made me cry

For I want to go home

I want to go home to my paradise


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pecking away at small morsels

When did your mind get so narrow?

We can’t all be thin like sparrows

Pecking away at small morsels

Living a life like that would be awful

Enjoy your food, enjoy your life

Do not add unneeded strife

Broaden your mind and let go of fears

Then you’ll enjoy happier years

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